bespoke Kitchens

Quality Bespoke Style Kitchen Ranges

Hunter kitchens are able to offer clients the opportunity to design a truly bespoke kitchen. By disregarding the realms and constraints of modular kitchen design, it is possible to open up a myriad of fresh, fit to purpose, unique design ideas.

The design of a bespoke kitchen begins with an initial consultation to discover the needs and desires of the client. Through this discussion a mood board will be produced, clients are then offered the opportunity to choose the materials from which the kitchen will be manufactured. Options range from hand selecting veneers, enabling the book-matching of a kitchen design to a particular wood grain, with further possibilities offering solid timber or uniquely hand-sprayed colour finishes. Upon completion and the signing off a truly unique, dictionary definition, bespoke kitchen, clients will be presented with a complimentary bottle of champagne to mark the occasion.

Samples of these kitchens are not available as they are truly bespoke, hand-crafted to the ideas and wishes of the client meaning they truly are 'one-offs'.

Click on the buttons below to view samples of veneers and woods we can offer.

All the woods above are shown in a raw and unfinished state.

cc = crown cut   sg = straight grain

Our range of veneers including american walnut, zebrano, blond teak, cherry, oak(all types), wenge, birds eye maple, chestnut, ash, olive ash, indian rosewood is extensive. If you have not seen anything you like here, please let us know. Due to the large range available we are not able to put everything on this site.